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The 16 Best 116 Anthems

Young by Andy Mineo (ft. KB)
“Young” set the stage for the type of art that we’ve come to expect from Andy Mineo and is a clear reason why he is a favorite artist among teenagers and young adults. Andy and KB clearly communicate the merge of an unashamed life submitted to the Lord.

Go Hard by Lecrae (ft. Tedashii)
When Reach began the movement of Unashamed Tours, it was customary to end the concert with this anthem. Perhaps the most rowdy Lecrae song in his extensive catalog, Go Hard is a timeless classic that will never be forgotten.

116 by Derek Minor (ft. KB)
This song cemented Derek Minor (Then Pro) as a worthy member of Reach Records family of artists. Beyond taking the signature numbers of the movement to a new level, he gained the appreciation of the Unashamed faithful.

Make War by Tedashii (ft. Flame)
Only Tedashii can make “sin-killing” an anthem. Featuring a strong verse from Flame and sample from John Piper, Tedashii made spiritual depth accessible for the masses with this hit. 



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