Oscar Urbina will releasing his free album ‘Finally’ next week Tuesday January 14th. Check out the album cover and tracklisting below.

1. Pressure
produced by Mashell Leroy

2. Cinderella
produced by Mpax

3. Mountain Top feat. Gemstones
produced by GRoc

4. My Cities
produced by Aktiv Beats

5. He Is God feat. Serge
produced by Serge

6. Trust More feat. Los (Interlude)

7. Won’t Let Me Go
produced by Mashell Leroy

8. Thorns & Thistles feat. Social Club
produced by Mashell Leroy

9. Goodbye feat. Gabriel Jonusas

10. We Are Young
produced by Taz Taylor & Lino Lizano

11. Making Up For Lost Time feat. David Leitman
produced by BMII

12. FINALLY (Acapella)