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KJ-52 and Fellow Emcees Break Guinness World Record

KJ-52 and Fellow Emcees Break Guinness World Record

In a history-making endeavor, KJ-52 collected a cadre of talented emcees to accomplish a monumental feat this past Sunday. The veteran Christian Hip Hop artist and his team of peers broke the Guinness World Record for the longest team freestyle. The crowd convened at well-known Crossover Church (the annual site for the FlavorFest conference) in Tampa, Florida for the event, which lasted an astonishing 12 hours and 2 minutes. The crew of artists included Sicily, Jerrell Johnson, Isaac Knox, Heir Jordan, Goldinchild and the originator himself, KJ-52. By utilizing audience participation, fan suggestions and an assortment of unique games; the crew was able to provide a variety of creative strategies to keep the party moving. But regardless of the creativity, the sheer perseverance of will required to last that long is a feat worthy of applause. Christians in Hip Hop have often had to deal with the difficulty of being salt & light in a culture that exalts competitiveness. Thus, KJ and company should be recognized for breaking outside of the stereotypical CHH box to shine mainstream light on their God-given gifts and prayerfully the Gospel as well. Bravo!


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