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K-Drama – Stadium Praise

K-Drama – Stadium Praise


I praise God like I’m in those stands, lifting up of them hands
Showing off of that brand, Heaven I’m repping that land
Ya’ll know I copped me that ticket, cost more than a grand
Even ladies, they getting it, and they don’t dance for no bands
hype like when we get in that end zone, think I’m crazy, I been gone
Jesus who I depend on, going hard till I get sent home
Yeah I’m full of that Ghost, no drank in my throat
1 touch of that cloak, made me whole, no longer broke
That’s why ya boy be jumping, turnt up like I been crumping
The Lord done brought me through something, and this beat I made thumpin’
God comes through at the last second, hits them buzzer beaters
Got me mad amped, we rush the court from the bleachers,
We do not care about odds, all we care about is our God
Going hard for my squad, He deserves all the applause
My God is a big deal, excuse me for my zeal
It was merely head knowledge, now it’s something I can feel

I praise God like I’m in a stadium (2x)
So I call it Stadium Praise (4x)
I praise God like I’m in a stadium (2x)
So I’m going crazy in crowd while I’m reaching for the clouds
voice is 20 dbs loud, Jesus got me going wild

All I had to do was try Christ, now I’m living that high life
Everything he does is a highlight, I’m a big fan, shine bright
Jesus got the best handles, He’ll light em up, candles
Jehovah is the champ, you ain’t seen His mantle?
He’s the Greatest of all time, never sits on that Pine
All His plays blow my mind, makes me press rewind
Man forget a top 10, he got more like a top mill
Blake jump over cars, Jesus jumping over hills
Ya’ll don’t understand what I’ve been through, run a lap in my shoes
There’s been a lot of close calls yet Christ takes care of my issues
I’ve never been forsaken, no need for me to be faking
For my sins I need to be baking, but all of my sins have been taken
By J. Christ on that cross, all my guilt has been tossed
My God’s the biggest boss, undefeated, no losses
I get up out of my seat, my praise use to be weak
Didn’t give 100, yet I use to scream at the TV, now


They say I’m doing too much, they want me to turn down
But haters get turned down, your boy Drama gon clown
I once was bound by everything around, now I’m found around town with the plow
Cause Christ lifted up the pounds, changed my life, pulled me off the ground
You would say the same if you were really about this life
You can’t remain the same if you’re really born twice
When i saw what He saved me from, it makes me go dumb
And dance, like I’m in a trance, throwing up my hands until I go numb



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