Andy Mineo Wants A Word With Kanye West

Last year, we reported that, in a recent TV interview, Hip Hop music icon Kanye West professed to be a Christian. Despite the frequency of Christo-centric references in his music (namely his latest album “Yeezus”), more and more onlookers are noticing his desire to use the name of God in his controversial artistry. Now, rising Christian Hip Hop creator Andy Mineo has chosen to chime in. The Reach Records artist commented on the polarizing figure today in an exclusive interview with MTV. When MTV’s Rob Markman asked who he would desire to collaborate with, Mineo mentioned Mr. West. I’d love to get in a room with Kanye [West] at some point, have a conversation, and see if something cooks up.” Andy went on to elaborate his view of Kanye’s legendary position in Hip Hop, his “unique place” in regards to faith and the number of other artists who have Christian themes in their music. Considering the continuous debate over the mainstream involvement of Christian artists, these comments will likely stir up much discussion in the Christian Hip Hop scene and overshadow the encouraging appearance of Reach Records on MTV. Maybe it is part of a carefully-crafted strategic agenda to gain a mainstream platform for the Gospel. Maybe it was simply a genuine admission from an artist appreciative of the artform itself. And maybe it is a sign that the unashamed movement has expanded further than it intended. Regardless of our opinion, it’s clear that when it comes to these collaborations, silence is no longer an option.

Check out MTV’s original post.

Chad Horton

Written by Chad Horton

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