In My City Records will be releasing HeeSun Lee’s upcoming album ‘Stereotypes’ on January 21 2014. Check out the tracklisting below.

1. Intro (prod. By Super Duper)
2. Tonight is the night (feat. Tiffany Michelle) (prod. By DJXRAY, Chris Belmont, Edy Magic)
3. Plastic (prod. By Jacob Cardec)
4. Breaking all the rules (feat. Kei-Landa & Erica Cumbo) (prod. By DJXRAY)
5. Runaway (prod. By DJXRAY)
6. I Get In (feat. Chris Cobbins) (prod. By DJXRAY)
7. I Break StereoTypes (feat. MC Jin) (prod. By Jacob Cardec)
8. Life is Too Short (prod. By Chris Belmont, Edy Magic)
9. Get to know Me (feat. Social Club)
10. Role Model (prod. By DJXRAY, Edy Magic, Keynote)
11. Turn Me Around (feat. Mia Hunt) (prod. By DJXRAY)
12. Skin Deep (feat. Mia Hunt) (prod. By Joshua Carey)
13. Changed Me (feat. Tan Brown) (prod. By Chris Belmont, Edy Magic)
14. Im Supposed To Be (prod. By Chris Belmont, Edy Magic)
15. Special Pick (feat. Adam Young) (prod. By KONCEPT BEATS)
16. North Korea (prod. By Chris Belmont)