CJ Emulous – Against the Grain


Verse 1:
I wish an O.G. would have told me that I aint have to be who they showed me; that if I chose to go to school for success and got it minus banging techs I would still have success. If I follow grannies teaching to a Sunday service the hood wouldn’t look at me like I was square or smerkish. If thuging wasn’t my desired occupation and drugging wasn’t my desired vocation and Fed time wasn’t my desired destination they would still receive me no hesitation. Whoo. See me boom boom out my vroom vroom know its all love and I’m coming for my dudes soon. Wish they really want to see me make it even if I live PG rated. Yet it seems like the more you try to flow against the grain the more they isolate you in their shame, dang.

Verse 2:
I wish in O.G. would have told me that I ain’t have to be like the homies. Do me cuz I was born in the original. why would you copy and leave a phony? Like pulling weeds there are things I want to uproot and come clean to fill the gap like a false tooth. You aint always gotta take the thug way there’s options in this life homie this a buffet. Couple homies got 10 couple homies got life hope you seen that trend when you rollin dice. Couple partners in graves a bunch of them still thuggin and I refuse to tell them nothing. For chasing slanging banging pimping did my time up in the feds and it never was the business. This one for the O.G.’s who never did it. I’m talking to myself and whoever wants to listen.

So I’ma tell myself right now little homie keep going cray. Keep running against the grain. Little homie keep going cray, repin Bay keep running against the grain against the grain


Written by Rapzilla

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