Von Won Changes His Name to Vaughaligan Walwyn

For most of us, change of any kind can be uncomfortable and frightening. However, some change can also represent growth and maturity. Such is the mindset of the artist formerly known as Von Won. “Initially, I was doing secular music, but when I got saved and gave my life to the Lord; I was trying to run away from that name,” the artist explained to Rapzilla.com. “Now I have a new label, and one of the ways we wanted to start fresh is by rebranding my artistry.” This fresh start has motivated his new label, New Season Records, and his new stage name: Vaughaligan Walwyn.

Such a meaningful name carries newfound weight not just for the artist but for the man as well. It signifies the stability and family lineage of his grandfather and also the maturity of his art. In his own words, “Hopefully, it’s a sign of maturity, not running around like a young kid any more. It was always uncomfortable to be introduced as a name that was a sign of my foolish past. But now as a man of God and a pastor, I want to portray something different.” The artist also listed name changes by Reach Records artists Andy Mineo and Derek Minor as “proofs of inspiration that a move like this can work in the future.” His future appears to be a continued push of his new record “Grace Still Abides” featuring hip hop legend Scarface, a potential mainstream distribution deal with a major label, and of course, a new solo album. “I just want to be an inspirational figure for the people who have come out of the same lifestyle I have.” With this mindset, it’s hard to argue with any change he thinks is necessary.

Listen to “Grace Still Abides” featuring Scarface & Dwaina.


Written by Tyler Burns

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