Red Society Release ‘Red Society’ EP

The entire ministry, group, and project “Red Society” is based off of a single concept- to witness to a generation that is covered, purified, and washed by the blood of Christ. The group emerged after the three members ministered together, and worked with various broken families and teens for months in the city of Gainesville, Georgia. Their eyes were drastically opened as they realized countless families are suffering in their own home. There was no need for foreign missions to acknowledge the people next door who desperately needed food, clothes, and most importantly the love of Christ. After working separately as an individual artist, Luis Delgado known as “K-Focus” came together with Will Stowe and Christopher Belangia, to establish the group now known as Red Society. They consequently gathered their finances, spent countless hours in their home studio, and notified their friends and family of their dream. The three members of Red Society spent numerous hours cutting grass for others and hosting church yard sales in order to raise the needed funds. Through the process they were graced by anonymous people who believed in what God was doing in them and through them. They had repeatedly ministered together, performed together, and preached together at various places, but this time it was palpable, and it was God driven.

Red Society believed God had confirmed their project after they were immensely blessed by their first single, “Fallen.” It was now time for them to seek after what they had seen, expand their vision, and co-labor in the kingdom of God. Whether a million are reached or merely a few they believe in what God is doing through music. Their goal is to continue to remove themselves from their comfort zone, and announce to anyone that will listen the desperate need of the love of Christ that ran red for humanity at the cross. Red Society dedicates this EP first to the Creator, and second to all who are unknowing of the love of Christ. They hope to awaken and stir what God has already placed inside each person they come across. They declare the time is now for generation to rise as the generation that has been purified and empowered by the blood of the Lamb.

Purchase Red Society on iTunes and listen to the full EP here.


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