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FEDEL ‘I Live (Re-Release)’

FEDEL ‘I Live (Re-Release)’

Fresh off of “Baited” from FLAME’s new album ‘Royal Flush, FEDEL is releasing his 2008 debut album ‘I Live’ completely free for digital download to fans!

“My family and I are welcoming our second child and ‘I Live’ was like a baby to me. ‘I Live’ was innovative for its time, and has since gone on to be the foundational project for my last two albums. During my travels in the Christian Hip Hop community, I have discovered it has impacted my fans in a huge way and I wanted to make it available to everyone!” – FEDEL


1. Intro (produced by Firstborn)
2. Tell A Friend (produced by Oboi)
3. Walk It Like I’m Changed (produced by Firstborn)
4. Get Live (produced by Firstborn)
5. Keep On feat Sarah Sanders (produced by Tony Stone)
6. Proverb (produced by Tony Stone)
7. In the Church (produced by Firstborn)
8. Old Things (produced by Tony Stone)
9. One by One feat Sean Johnson (produced by Firstborn)
10. Out the Crib (produced by Firstborn)
11. Get It feat Knine and Viktory (produced by Firstborn)
12. On Mine (produced by Firstborn)
13. I LIVE feat Cam (produced by Oboi)
14. Time and a Season (produced by Firstborn and FEDEL)
15. Bonus Track – Take It Easy (produced by Firstborn)
16 Bonus Track – Get Down feat Dre Murray (produced by 778 music group)


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