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Disciple (D.I.) ‘Mission:Possible’ Cover, Tracklisting & Production Credits Revealed

Disciple (D.I.) ‘Mission:Possible’ Cover, Tracklisting & Production Credits Revealed

HOPE Multimedia Co. recording artist, Disciple (D.I.) is set to release his new album: Mission:Possible on November 12, 2013. Mission:Possible is the second episode of his two part mission series.

Mission:Possible is inspired by Romans 8:31, when Paul said, “If God is for you, who can be against you.” God gives us the strength to endure trials and test. D.I. adds, “The Lord uses this scripture to communicate his dedication to loving us. The aim is to highlight life of Jesus. In light of this understanding we are compelled to spread the Gospel.” The theme of Mission:Possible aims to emphasize the story of Jesus.

The theme of the Mission:Possible is twofold. For the unbeliever, there is a quest to find something to find lasting fulfillment. That can only be found in a relationship with the Lord Jesus. For the believer, the mission is to remain steadfast in the faith. D.I. adds, “Believers are not only on a mission to remain faithful in working for the Lord but we are to be faithful in our relationship with the Lord.” Sonically D.I. connects lyricism with a fresh sound.

The lead single: A Problem explains that sin is the problem for humanity but Christ is the solution. The song features ACE LIFE member Christ Theodat and is produced by Oliver Grey.

Disciple (D.I.) is a member of the Boston collective: A.C.E. – All Christ Everything. The collective is preparing for their next tour and album in 2014.

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1. The Possible Intro :: Produced by YJ The Inventor
2. Lifted :: Produced by J. Gramm
3. A Problem (feat. Chris Theodat) :: Produced by Oliver Grey
4. ASAP :: Produced by Tee-Wyla
5. The New Me :: Produced by Kaeotic Phrequenci
6. The Cure (feat. Trini) :: Produced by C-Kret
7. The Faith :: Produced by Kajmir Royale
8. Proverb 3:5 (feat. Dre Devine) :: Produced by Allrounda Productions
9. Where You Iz (feat. Domingo Guyton) :: Produced by Kajmir Royale
10. You Need That :: Produced by Kajmir Royale
11. This Is Me (feat. Dre Devine & Darryl James) :: Produced by Sinima
12. Mission:Possible :: Produced by J. Rum
13. He Will Do It :: Produced by Allrounda Productions
14. The Possible Cypha (feat. Domingo Guyton, Evangel, Righteouz Knight, A.O.N., Caleb McCoy, Brinson, K-Drama & Datin) :: Produced by William Hurt


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