Jahmen Music Group is proud to announce the release of Benjah’s “Haze & Reflections” (Vanity Fare Remixed) November 5th. Benjah’s junior album, Vanity Fare, exposed the “Smoke & Mirrors” that conceals the lies in our culture, the remix to that is “Haze & Reflections”. Benjah teamed up with Adam Gilley (EDM producer) and Sky (pop/urban producer) to accomplish this tough venture, forming a production team called Ginger Beer.

With countless writing, vocal and musical contributions to some of Christian Hip Hop’s most accomplished artists; calling Benjah a veteran would be too much of a cliche. In many ways, the award-winning musician is a creative pioneer. This undeniable fact is driven home even further on his upcoming project “Haze & Reflections”, a remix compilation of his most recent album “Vanity Fare.”

“The remix to the smoke and mirrors idea is haze and reflections,” he explained in a recent Rapzilla.com exclusive interview. “It’s just kind of expanding the concept and the sound of the previous project.” The strategic expansion took him far ahead of his comfort zone, which is quite the statement for an artist who already pushes the envelope. “Creatively, this is the dopest stuff I’ve ever put out.” To facilitate this creative expansion, Benjah enlisted some powerful production partners. Cardec Drums, Bryson Pryce, Sweedish Revolution and his own collective (Ginger Beer Production) combined to create an “EDM and trap sound without losing the pop elements.” The artist also added Group 1 Crew’s Blanca, Ram-1, Social Club and Ron Kenoly Jr. to an already potent feature list.

For most artists, reinvention is a chore. Attempting to expand on what’s common is never comfortable for any human being. But his willingness to grow has produced something special for Benjah. “We got in the studio and said, ‘Let’s do everything we wish we could do on a normal album with no restrictions’.” Here’s to hoping that this restriction-free environment has produced a new sound for the loyal fan base of Christian Hip Hop’s creative pioneer.