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A single off Young Noah’s upcoming EP releasing at the end of October 2013.


God broke me down so that he could build me up

Verse 1:
Standing up as God’s anointed’s harder than you think
Man that pride a fill your heart up and it start to stink
In God’s nose cuz you know you down here looking Jank
On the fence trying to sit but you know you can’t
God broke me down told me I was lifted
God got me signed but then He stripped it
Then God built me up told me i was gifted
I wrote myself a beautiful script but then he flipped it
From a hip hop cemetery to a missionary
From Clear Sight Music to a visionary
Finally I see the vision clear
This is not a hobby this is my career

Lord I pray against every temptation out here leading me astray
Break me break me down Lord in every way
Crush me down in the ground till I fade away
Break me break me break me everyday
Build me up in the Spirit till I’m in your way
I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be everything
That you calling me to be everyday


Verse 2:
I never felt so much pain I could barely stand
I tried to talk to my homies but they ain’t understand
They put me up on a pedestal I ain’t wanna be
Satan put me up on a pinnacle I was on my knees
Asking God if He wasn’t pleased
With the position I was in He said no and sent me overseas
A ministers who I am and rapping is what I do
I’m on the clock I’m on rap is a stepping stone
I’ma use it for a season then poof I’ll be gone
Waiting for God to give me a reason to leave it alone
I am not a clone I am not a drone
The platform that I sit on is not a throne

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