Unashamed Conference 2013 Day 2 Recap

After an intense opening day takeoff of moving messages, Biblical breakouts and captivating concerts; the Unashamed Conference 2013 reached cruising altitude on Saturday. Day 2’s theme revolved around a day of strategic questions for conference participants. From the opening general session to the final moments of fellowship, the collective of the unashamed was bombarded with a flurry of these inquiries, designed to convict and challenge all who fearlessly chant “116”.

The opening gathering was sparked by Lecrae, who ministered a message on the “Gospel and Social Issues,” challenging both the young and old to be compassionate in light of Jesus’ example. “Do you care for the least of these?” was his cry, as he presented the timeless story of The Good Samaritan with an urban twist. The succeeding breakout sessions asked questions such as “Are we using our social media for God’s glory?”, “Is our art motivated by the Gospel?”, “How has Christ impacted our dating practices?” and countless others. The final speaker of the day, Pastor John Onwuchekwa, gave his best Mariano Rivera impersonation by powerfully asking a central heart question, “What will you do with the money God has entrusted you with?” Oh, and lest we forget, the final concert of the weekend was a pure explosion. Swoope, Sho Baraka, Tedashii, Andy Mineo and Minorville’s own Derek Minor presented an unrelenting barrage of worshipful anthems to a raucous audience.

With such a flurry of questions and activities, there are only two logical responses available: puzzled confusion or confident assurance. But the faces of the unashamed were far from fearful or perplexed, they were “like flint” in the words of the Scriptures. Resolute determination seemed to be the mood of the day. Partially because there is a particular freedom in answering life’s hardest questions with the lens of the Bible firmly planted on our spiritual pupils. Furthermore, all in attendance realize that “wrestling through these issues,” to quote Json, is a vital part of Christian maturity. We are not complete products, and we won’t be until the final celebratory concert before the throne. With that penultimate day in mind, we must continue to ask and answer life’s most difficult questions fearlessly. This is the way of the unashamed.


Written by Tyler Burns

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