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Possible 116 Clique ‘V’ Album

Possible 116 Clique ‘V’ Album

As the 116 interrogation video continues to be decoded, new findings are steadily emerging. A careful observation of the decoded number in the video “08-28-13” reveals that this is the exact date when Reach Records artist Lecrae posted about the 116 crew congregating in the studio.

Furthermore, the “V” fuels the fire of a group album, considering this would be the 5th compilation of 116 artists (with the original Compilation album, AMPED, 13 Letters and Man Up being the prior 4). Finally, in Rapzilla’s recent conversation with Andy Mineo, the artist was clear that the listening public will not be disappointed with his recent recording schedule not including a group album with label mates Trip Lee & KB. It only makes sense that the squad has multiplied for this project.

Is this all just speculation? It could be. But do you have a better theory? Let’s hear it.


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