*Produced by WROF

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(KIDD) Verse 1:
Tell me is it hip hop? I see the names on us, I do this for the people not just people pleasing us. So please understand there’s something free in us throw us under the bus they wonder why we speak up. Listen to what’s inside of your speakers don’t just bob your head to the beat that is playing instead. This is poetry, his word written in lead. Not favored in society, society is dead. Oh yea? You say we got a different flow. Now why you stick a category on our music for? What?! All I hear is a bunch of hypocrites, judgment and these critics pointing fingers here. Christ centered not who could hold the mic better. True story I’d never be a lie teller. What we doing segregating the talents he gave. there’s change to be made but all I hear em say.

(That’s all I Hear’em say)
Blah, blah, blah, blah

(Sho Baraka) Verse 2:
Can i get a hip? Hold up that aint it. Spend most of our time trying to be too hip. Being just like them I choose to please the father that’s why I ain’t even bother on what we should call a genre. Get it out ya system before they try and mute you. Before pride rises and you cant smell your doo doo. Because your different everybody wanna label you koo koo. I’m at the feet of the wise I’m done chasing that fools gold. Standing on corners decyphering of who’s cold. Acting like a child homie im too old. Caring if the critics bring heat. Yup I’m too cold. My fans multiplies ain’t no dividing us. I been sold out money ain’t buying us. Plug my mic in. I think they silenced us. We’ll be quiet so we can hear when the riot comes. Yeah…


(KIDD) Verse 3:
I feel him and I can see him, we praise him and we believe him. Jesus the legend called my profession in his perfection we seek progress, and change we reflect him we have connection. Blessed with the truth, a different dialect don’t let em get to ya head that’s what my pops always said. It sounds like a bunch of nonsense judging our content like how we switched it up caused a bomb threat. We are truly the only change that we really need, stop doing it yourself and drop to your knees don’t let em put you down you are higher than you think. Judgment only comes from one, that’s the almighty king. Yeah… and hate is the enemy, peace is a friend of me or a friend of us that’s something we don’t see, or do we? Cause lately this what it sounds to me.