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Kartez Marcel – Wake Up Call



Alarm clock ringing after lasts night dreaming/ Everyday im surprised, I just look to the skys/ and can you tell before I said it im lucky to be alive/ im 26 now I wasnt supposed to see 25/ I used to ride slow phirelli’s on the tires/ screaming money, money, money’s my desire now you ask me my reply is im retired (yeah im retired)/ no not from business im retired from this endless type of cycle I was in this/ an expensive type of way to live yo life, but leave you empty/ I just want to ride on full and my provider gives me plenty/ Nothing wrong with having money because I still want me a bentley/ I just dont want to breed envy from my friends and then my family/ All I got here on this earth is God and family the rest is worthless, make it work/ Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy remember times, momma tried hard to provide/ daddy tried hard to provide and with them pro wings I was floating til they got holes in the side/ Then I realized if I want them J’s then I gotta get paid who im gone rob?/ i call my partners on the phone cause I know they’ll be down to ride/ I got some places we can get where I know it’s some dough inside/ I kicked the door in then I go and get to going look for gold and money/ hold up whats that sound look out the window it’s the police/ you don’t know me please dont judge me I regret that/ my prior ways from my prior days come from set back after set back/ then I set back and I thought/ Look at all the time that I lost/ Look at all the money that cost/ Look at all the people I lost, I gained nothing/ The game aint cheap its a bunch of hidden fee’s/ whether it leads to jail or JESUS either way your on bending knees (thats real)


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