The tracklisting and production credits for Auditory Fabric’s (Justword and Bondservant) debut LP titled ‘Heir Craft,’ which will be available via iTunes and Bandcamp on September 17, 2013.

1. Rocketship: Boarding ft. Alex Faith (Prod by Justword)
2. Goodyear ft. Patch Martin (Prod by Justword)
3. Invite Only (Prod by Justword)
4. Foreign Dose (Prod by Justword)
5. Colors of the Rainbow (Prod by Justword)
6. Visiting Hours (Prod by Justword)
7. Bottom of the 9th ft. Patch Martin (Prod by Justword)
8. Apollo 66: Launch (Prod by Justword)
9. Heir Craft (Prod by Justword x Cardec Drums)
10. Fly High ft. Chad Jones (Prod by Cardec Drums x Justword)