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Tedashii Back In Studio Continuing Work On New Album

Tedashii Back In Studio Continuing Work On New Album

Few artists have as extensive a catalog and as wide a following in CHH as Tedashii. His hits have always been knockout punches in the eager ears of his loyal listeners. But recently, the Reach Records veteran has been on the other end of his own battle. Durin the process of creating his next album, tragedy struck the closest place to his heart and family, and T-dot took a hiatus from working on his upcoming release. But after an unforgettable concert set at the recent Legacy Conference and the encouragement of brothers and sisters in Christ, it appears that Tedashii is ready to once again grip the mic.

Pictures, hinting messages, and social media posts abound with confirmation of T-Dot’s return to the studio for his 4th studio album. Who will be featured? What will the title be? Which producers will be used? When will the project be released? A few answers to those questions can be found in our previous behind-the-scenes post. One can only sincerely hope that the CHH community will unite in celebration of God’s grace, regardless of our “camp” or “clique”. Our brother has returned, and that’s the most important thing. Welcome back Tedashii.

If you had one sentence of encouragement to say to Tedashii, what would you say to him?


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