Designed by Sola O, the cover to Spoken’s sophomore album, SMOKE, displays the face of Spoken covered in images and symbols that represent different life stages that make him the man he is today. With all the different experiences and moments we share upon this earth, this cover is meant to serve as a reminder that life is fleeting and that our lives are nothing but SMOKE…Don’t Blow It. James 4:14.

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Release Date: October 1, 2013

1. The Spark (Intro) (Prod By: Adam P.)
2. Carpe Diem ft. Skrip & Remus (Prod By: D-Flow)
3. Planets (Closer) (Prod By: Boogie)
4. The Mourning (Prod By: Boogie)
5. Unthinkable (Any Girl) ft. Chosen (Prod By: Beatz Johnson)
6. Smoke (Prod By: Boogie)
7. #Follo II ft. Julien (Prod By: Boogie)
8. Make It Last ft. Shannon (of Chosen) (Prod By: Adam P.)
9. Scared (Lose Another) ft. Adam P. (Prod By: Adam P.)
10. She Grown ft. Sho Baraka (Prod By: Boogie)
11. Right Now (Prod By: Boogie)
12. Where You Live ft. Remus (Prod By: Alex Medina)
13. Save Us ft. Gemstones & Karen Jewels (Prod By: J.R.)
14. When Smoke Clears ft. Jon Jefferson (Prod By: Adam P.)