No Malice Interviewed on Juan Epstein Podcast with HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds

Recently the artist No Malice, formerly known as “Malice” from the legendary hip hop duo The Clipse, joined Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds on Juan Ep Radio to promote his new album “Hear Ye Him”. Within seconds, the co-hosts immediately dived into the specifics of the dramatic transformation of an artist they thought they knew. While these interviews are typically very difficult for those with fresh conversions, No Malice seemed completely comfortable in his own skin as the hip hop titans peppered him with questions and hypothetical scenarios.

The artist assured them, “No one shook their finger at me…All I’m doing is sharing my life story.” This is a life story that he’s been very eager to proclaim since his conversion 5 years ago. When Rosenberg asked what his response would be if he started smoking a blunt in front of him, No Malice was honest: “Well, I wouldn’t partake in it, but I definitely wouldn’t judge you. Do you know that no one smoked more weed than me? But I’m here to tell you right now that next month will be five years weed free.” This stirring testimony of change was a theme that soared high throughout the course of the interview.

Cipha admitted his prior friendship with the rapper and asked honestly if he was reborn. “I’m definitely reborn” No Malice replied. “And it’s nothing that I chose to do. If you follow me and you look back; I should be a living witness to anybody watching: ‘this dude was this way’. And I don’t mean I’m sin-free and righteous and all that. I am righteous through Christ. But I wouldn’t even have the strength to change myself” He went on to brilliantly share persuasive stories about the sovereignty of God, his holistic life change and his relationship with his brother. “I couldn’t judge my brother no matter what he does. We don’t have to agree. He has to make his life decisions like I have to for mine…Winning people over with love goes a lot further.”

In the Bible, Paul’s Damascus Road experience is a crystal clear picture of what occurs at salvation. It is often used when speaking about “professional” sinners who experience a dramatic transformation from darkness to light. Christian Hip Hop has had the privilege of observing some of these 180 degree-spins firsthand. As a representative of Gospel-centered Hip Hop and more importantly, a representative of God’s grace, No Malice has encouraged believers and is a stirring example to unbelievers. As he said in his own words, “Just look at me. I shouldn’t even have to do much talking. I’m definitely a different person.”

Listen to the full interview here (WARNING: LANGUAGE):


Written by Tyler Burns

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