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KIDD ‘Murder My Flesh’ Production Credits Revealed

KIDD ‘Murder My Flesh’ Production Credits Revealed

KIDD’s debut album is boldly titled ‘Murder My Flesh’ and will release on September 3rd. The realization and concept of Murder My Flesh comes from a vision that the Lord revealed to KIDD when he got saved. KIDD adds that it is “A struggle in the spiritual realm between good and bad – we always have to murder our flesh (die to self) as a daily routine.” ‘Murder My Flesh’ started as a movement when KIDD was 14, to influence people to not be ashamed or scared to reveal their struggles and temptations but to and deny themselves.

1. Intro – Produced by Tyshane Thompson
2. Murder My FleshProduced by Tyshane Thompson
3. Welcome to the Jungle ft. Je’kob Washington – Produced by JGramm
4. Too Cool – Produced by Supaman
5. Royal Lies ft. Derek Minor & Gemstones – Produced by Skrip & Supaman
6. Feeling Good – Produced by Skrip
7. Change Up ft. Sean C. Johnson – Produced by Skrip
8. Jezebel – Produced by Wit
9. Identity Theft ft. SPZRKT – Produced by KIDD
10. Radical ft. Skrip – Produced by Skrip
11. Hear’em Say (blah blah blah) ft. Sho Baraka – Produced by WROF
12. Gran Entrada ft. Temperamento, Skrip & Yavier Luisan – Produced by Skrip with Live Instrumentation by Elias Sepulveda
13. Effigy ft. J.R. – Produced by Alex Medina

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