During Rapzilla.com’s exclusive live chat for his ‘1st & 16th’ media series, Reach Records recording artist KB answered some questions fans have been waiting for answers on.

The first of which regarded the rumor about a KB, Andy Mineo & Trip Lee group album. When asked about it KB said “I can’t confirm it. Neither can I deny it. We’ve been talking about this. We’ve thought about names and where we want to go musically with it. It’s sort of in the works, but it really comes down to scheduling. All three of us are extremely busy. However, there will be alot more KB, Andy Mineo & Trip Lee music coming.”

Reach Records artist was also asked about when we can expect his sophomore album. KB responded saying “My new album is being worked on as we speak, and we can expect that first quarter next year.”

Lastly, he was asked which Collision Records artist, excluding Swoope, would he like to collab to which the Tampa-native replied “Christon Gray, I think everybody’s a beast, but I love Christon Gray.” after which he was questioned if Christon would appear on his’s next album and he said “Hopefully, he promised me.”

Watch the full recording of the live chat here.

What other features would you like to see on KB’s upcoming album?