Kanye West says ‘I’m a Christian’

Hip Hop icon Kanye West has created a stir yet again. Recently, the rap star was interviewed by Kris Jenner, the mother of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, on her show’s finale. Though he is known for his outlandish displays of bravado, this time Mr. West shocked the world with his openness and emotional vulnerability. In the 43-minute live studio audience interview, Kanye opened up about his relationship, fatherhood, past failures and surprisingly even Christianity. “I’m a Christian” the artist proudly proclaimed “and I just wanted to always let people know that’s what’s on my mind.” Obviously, due to his lyrical content and the recent release of his album Yeezus, this is a surprising and confusing declaration. Since his meteoric rise to the top of the music world began in 2002, Kanye has been the poster-child for reckless behavior, emotional instability and the fearless promotion of debauchery. Sporting a WWJD bracelet, he asserted, “It’s important to me that I grow, walk and raise my family with Christian values.”

We pray that God truly is changing Kanye’s heart and reconciling him unto himself. Instead of your thoughts we ask that you pray with us. Will you?

Watch the interview below (mentioned part starts at 27:30):

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Written by Tyler Burns

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