Top 10 Most Influential Reach Records Songs

Top 10 Most Influential Reach Records Songs

When discussing a topic so contentious and debatable as the top 10 most influential Reach Records songs, it’s important to establish ground rules and criteria. While others will focus on other more recognizable songs to be included in this compilation, this article aims to point out the most “influential” for the artist, label and the Christian Hip-Hop movement as a whole, NOT best. Because of this criteria, many of the newer offerings have been left off this list, as it is difficult to determine a classic if enough time has not elapsed to prove its credentials. Also, these songs are in no particular order. With that being said, let’s get into it.

Top 10 Most Influential Reach Records Songs

10.”Man Up Anthem” (The Reach Records relay pass)

“Man Up” makes the list because it’s the only song containing every artist Reach Records has ever signed. The warrior chant served as a sort of baton pass from the accomplished Reach veterans to the sure-handed “new school” stable of artists. The creative collage of 7 different styles, was an effectively clear anthem for a call towards authentic Biblical manhood. “Man Up” became the soundtrack for music, a movie and the movement of a legion of goldly men.

9.”Just Like You” (Lecrae gets honest)

While most people would point to Rehab’s other transcendent cut “Background”, this track was arguably more influential. This autobiographical take of Lecrae’s life was presented in a more personal way than we had previously heard from him. Instead of solely pointing towards the errors of modern cultural worldview, Lecrae essentially puts himself on trial. He unpacks his influences in the first 2 verses, then confronts his depravity/need for a Savior in the 3rd. It is not a surprise that this was used as an instrumental for the “Man Up” movie trailer. This song is like a movie all by itself. The track also was a bridge to two different styles of Lecrae’s lyrical articulation: theological and sociological. Mixed together the final product is a beautiful blend of life and doctrine.

8.”The Invasion (Hero)” (106 & Park recognized)

This Trip Lee anthem is arguably the most recognizable and accessible song in his illustrious catalog. Certain tracks have the ability to captivate the audience with the first few notes, and countless venues have experienced this reality through “The Invasion”. Backed by the stellar vocals of soulful songbird Jai, Trip was even able to crack his second spot on the 106&Park scene.

7.”We Can Be More” (Grown Folks music)

While Sho was the most eclectic Reach artist in the history of the label, the grown folks anthem “We Can Be More” has the feel of a timeless classic. Beyond finding itself in countless wedding reception playlists and engagement proposals, the two-step track communicated something more than the common “youth group” driven content the collective was used to delivering. With the velvet vocals of veteran crooner J.R., Sho cracked the code with this track, spawning a series of copycat love songs and mindsets geared for marriage.

6.”Don’t Waste Your Life” (Created a movement)

If Christian Hip-Hop had a historic Top 10 countdown, this guaranteed rooflifter would have a secure spot in the Top 5. To begin with the song was placed on Lecrae’s most critically acclaimed album “Rebel”. Not to mention, it was one of the first overt modern mergers between theology and hip-hop, taking its title from the popular John Piper book. And on replay value and concert hype alone (with the stellar international flow of a Dwayne Tryumf feature), this is easily one of the best songs produced in modern Christian.

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Written by Tyler Burns

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