GAWVI joins Reach Records as on-staff producer

If Christian Hip Hop were to make a list of its most prolific producers, there is no doubt that Gawvi would make the exclusive short list. Formerly known as G-Stylez, this successful song-creator has worked with Lecrae, Trip Lee, Rhema Soul, Andy Mineo, Social Club and a slew of other household genre names. As if this weren’t enough, he is now taking his career to the next level by joining Reach Records, the most recognizable name in Christian Hip Hop, as an on-staff producer. This may come as a surprise to casual fans, but for Gawvi, it was a no-brainer.

“Reach Records and I have been family since 2006” he told Rapzilla in an exclusive interview. “Since then till now, we’ve done a lot of projects together and always had that chemistry. As far as being on the actual team, I believe in this season it was the right thing for me and for Reach, and it’s very exciting for both of us.” The excitement will soon spread to fans of the two entities, who will be eager to see what appetizing sounds the mash-up will bring to the table. Gawvi has already set high goals for the merger: “I’ve grown throughout the years, as every person and artist should. And now that I’m so comfortable creatively, I feel I have a lot to offer Reach Records and their crew of talented artists.”

The partnership won’t come without a few challenges. When asked about the fluctuations of styles and genres that the label showcases, he called the mixture “stretching.” But this diversity appears to be something that is right down his alley to begin with. “Being in LA, you can’t stay the same. I’ve expanded to so much more than just hip hop’s traditional sounds. I want to do more.” With the backing of one of Hip Hop’s most influential, emerging labels, it’s clear that he will be able to do much more than he previously anticipated. When asked how he would like to be remembered, he thoughtfully answered, “I want to be remembered as someone that was always pushing the envelope. That I never stuck to one sound and always wanted to do something different. I don’t want people to assume what a ‘Gawvi sound’ is; I want to show them what my sound is.” Well, let the show begin.

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