Fadacy Music announces a new EP by Applejaxx: NERD POWER releasing on September 24, 2013. NERD POWER is a story of a college student full of faith, dreams, gifts, fears and creativity. The story include songs addressing particular experiences that students encounter.

Applejaxx presented N.E.R.D at Harvard Law School’s “Thinks Big” event in July 2013. The talk featured the meaning of N.E.R.D, being a “rich kid, poor kid,” brand innovation and faith. Applejaxx adds, “We’re all nerds. College (education) is for everyone in the context of learning as a lifestyle. Nerds are the smart kids, outsiders, innovators, leaders and cool kids.”

NERD POWER features production from Oliver Grey, Int’l Show, Re4lity, THX, D-Flow and Cooarri. Je’kob, Trini, Bobby Bishop, Int’l Show and Jordan Felisbret make cameo appearances.

NERD POWER is an introduction of a future full length album titled: N.E.R.D

1. Nerd Power – {Produced by Oliver Grey}
2. Swag Wave – { Produced by Oliver Grey}
3. Fearless feat. Je’kob, Int’l Show & Bobby Bishop – {Produced by Int’l Show}
4. For The Love Of You feat. Jordan Felisbret – {Produced by THX}
5. Rich Kid, Poor Kid – {Produced by Cooarri}