Home Listening Session Album Listening Session: KIDD ‘Murder My Flesh’

Album Listening Session: KIDD ‘Murder My Flesh’

Album Listening Session: KIDD ‘Murder My Flesh’

KIDD’s debut album is boldly titled ‘Murder My Flesh’ and will release on September 3rd. The realization and concept of Murder My Flesh comes from a vision that the Lord revealed to KIDD when he got saved. KIDD adds that it is “A struggle in the spiritual realm between good and bad – we always have to murder our flesh (die to self) as a daily routine.” ‘Murder My Flesh’ started as a movement when KIDD was 14, to influence people to not be ashamed or scared to reveal their struggles and temptations but to and deny themselves.

1. Intro – Produced by Tyshane Thompson
2. Murder My Flesh – Produced by Tyshane Thompson
3. Welcome to the Jungle ft. Je’kob Washington – Produced by JGramm
4. Too Cool – Produced by Supaman
5. Royal Lies ft. Derek Minor & Gemstones – Produced by Skrip & Supaman
6. Feeling Good – Produced by Skrip
7. Change Up ft. Sean C. Johnson – Produced by Skrip
8. Jezebel – Produced by Wit
9. Identity Theft ft. SPZRKT – Produced by KIDD
10. Radical ft. Skrip – Produced by Skrip
11. Hear’em Say (blah blah blah) ft. Sho Baraka – Produced by WROF
12. Gran Entrada ft. Temperamento, Skrip & Yavier Luisan – Produced by Skrip with Live Instrumentation by Elias Sepulveda
13. Effigy ft. J.R. – Produced by Alex Medina

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