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116 Clique Possible Album in the Making

116 Clique Possible Album in the Making

A staple of the Reach Records brand is the compilation album, a gathering together of diverse styles for concentrated mass impact. From the original 116 Compilation project to the rock/rap mashup ‘AMPED‘ to the manhood-centric ‘Man Up‘ album, the label has executed this concept with much success. Andy Mineo himself all but confirmed in his latest video chat with Rapzilla that “There have been some talks about it, but…we’re just going to keep you guessing.”, and now all signs are pointing to another upcoming collective album from Christian Hip Hop’s most successful label.

The crew of unashamed emcees has spent an unusual amount of time together in the studio of late and pictures as well as short social media videos confirm that they are creating “a surprise” for their fans. Could this be the recently-rumored “Come Alive” project or a different title and concept altogether?

Stay tuned to Rapzilla for the latest updates, but one thing I think is for sure: a new Reach Records compilation album is coming.


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