When Weight and Glory Meet: Highlights from Day One of Legacy 2013

Gatherings like the Legacy Conference are always approached with high expectations. Attendees invade the venue anticipating refreshing fellowship, healthy teaching and fire-kindling exhortation. This year’s Legacy theme, Soli Deo Gloria, further cements these expectations with the goal of God receiving the glory alone. And on day 1 of Legacy Conference, He was lifted high.


From the opening guitar lick of praise & worship, the celebratory tone was set. The baton was passed from the first general session tag-team with Brian Dye and Decipha to two powerful rounds of practical workshops taught by a “who’s who” list of skillful, Gospel servants. Laughter filled the halls of the Moody Bible Institute as old friends were reunited and new bonds were forged. Tears flowed and fingers snapped at the P4CM Spoken Word showcase when Janette…ikz and Blair Linne dealt hard doses of poetic reality. To cap the night, Trip Lee powerfully preached on the glory of God in evangelism, and a litany of artists took the Rapzilla-sponsored stage to rock mics. Though Skrip, Beautiful Eulogy, Propaganda and Derek Minor all had faithful fans in the crowd and easily made new ones; one name in the lineup stood out amongst the rest: Tedashii


Since tragedy and suffering struck Tedashii’s family just months ago, countless CHH fans have been yearning just to hear their favorite rapper’s voice. Maybe it’s idealistic, but supporters undoubtedly clung to the hope that cheering just a little bit louder at his concert could potentially encourage him in some small way. But instead, Tedashii encouraged us. In the moment he most desperately needed the service of the Body, he chose to serve us.

Humble Beast

After a brief song intro, he shut the music off and read 1 Corinthians 15:12-20. As silence acted as his soundtrack, he urged the audience to remember the reason they all came: “Christ really did rise from the dead”. The celebration, teaching, fellowship and preaching climaxed in his emotionally stirring challenge. It felt as though the weight of suffering and the glory of God collided in a Romans 8:28-style fireworks show for the soul. And then, as if the moment could not get any more glorious, the crowd boisterously celebrated Tedashii’s “legacy” of Christ-centered music with some of his most memorable songs.

In our “now” culture, we are often “prisoners of the moment”. But it’s not exaggeration to say that those in attendance will not soon forget what happened on night 1 of Legacy 2013. God was lifted high. Christ was preached. And weight and glory met. Soli Deo Gloria

Derek Minor


Written by Rapzilla

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