When Cups Overflow: Legacy Day 2 Recap

On day 1 of the Legacy Conference, the weight of the temporal life that each human being faces was met with the greater reality of the glory of God. In song, rap, teaching, preaching and celebration; the conference theme of “God getting glory alone” was present everywhere. For most participants, it was hard to imagine how the gathering experience could possibly improve.

In typical God fashion, the truth of Psalm 23:5 magnificently came to life. Our “cups ran over”. Pastor Felipe Assis kicked off the pouring in the morning session by admonishing the audience to suffer well for God’s glory. By the time the two workshop sessions and P4CM Cafe encore were complete, everyone was strapped in for the landing of the plane that took off just 24 hours prior. Descent began with the fiery friction of metaphors, similes, and rhyme schemes from the first annual Rapzilla Hot 16 Bar competition. The heat of excellent artistry only heightened the anticipation of the day’s climax. And who better to “land the plane” than Dr. John Piper?

16 Bar Challenge

What was so astonishing about his message was not the theological depth and wisdom that he transmitted. Everyone expected that. But the collective receptivity of the over 1,600 in attendance and thousands watching live online was the real miracle.


Those cups of readiness were met with a shower of God’s love and grace in worshipful reflection of just how glorious He really is. Truly it can be said that every single person present left with spilling heart containers. And if the truth received is too great for us to handle, what is the only reasonable response for Legacy and any of us who find ourselves drowning of the glory? We must empty our overflowing cups.

Stay tuned for Day 3!


Written by Tyler Burns

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