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Rey King Announces ‘TLHD’ (The Love Hate Demo)

Rey King Announces ‘TLHD’ (The Love Hate Demo)

Emcee/producer Rey King recently announced that he is set to release his forthcoming project ‘TLHD’ (The Love Hate Demo) on August 21. The IAMYG representative revealed that an EP was in the works earlier year.

Since his announcement of ‘TLHD’, the Billboard charting songwriter has contributed to Social Club’s ‘Misfits’, Cheno Lyfe’s upcoming project ‘Lunar’ (July 23), Colin Ansby’s ‘Rated E Everyone’, Leslie Grace’s chart topping self-titled album and various records by Hip Hop collective Rhema Soul.

2013 has been a productive one for the South Florida-based artist. He not only added to an already impressive production track record but was also seen playing drums for Rhema Soul on their “Paint The City Red Tour” featuring Social Club, Cheno Lyfe & Anthony Rose.

‘TLHD’ is the follow-up to ‘Young God’ and the ‘Black Friday’ mixtape. The second installment to the Black Friday series is expected to drop sometime after ‘TLHD’, according to reports. Rey produced, mixed and mastered ‘TLHD’, making it a record that showcases his overall musical skills and growth.

‘Black Friday’ was Rey King showing his lyrical abilities over mainstream tracks. What beats would you like to hear Rey flow on for ‘Black Friday 2’?


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