More Humble Rappers Please: A Workshop Spotlight from Legacy 2013

Catchy slogans are a dime a dozen. Everyone uses them and Hip Hop culture is filled with plenty (Who hasn’t heard “Turn Up!” the last 24 hours?). Being keenly aware of this tendency, Beautiful Eulogy member Odd Thomas has created his own slogan to use: More Humble Rappers Please. Beyond the eye-catching T-shirt design and clever irony, the statement communicates much more depth than the six syllables suggests. He had the opportunity to fully plead his case before aspiring Christian artists in the Music Industry Workshop Track at the Legacy Conference this week.

In his words, “Some of have a huge problem with lust, and it has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with ministry limelight.” The piercing words were balanced with spiritual substance, countering the idea that all rappers have to display bravado. He compared the artist’s role to John the Baptist’s posture in John 3. “Our job is to be the ‘best man’ who makes much of the groom….we must accentuate Him enough so that people are excited about Jesus.”

His passionate plea resonated with the crew of artists who listened intently and had a Q&A session with Thomas, his Humble Beast counterpart Braille and Lampmode emcee shai linne. Shai summed up the workshop by saying “Always remember, God is so high above us that He isn’t impressed with any of us. When you remember that, you can’t help but be humble.”

What do you think? In what areas do Christian artists need to display more humility?


Written by Tyler Burns

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