KIDD – Murder My Flesh (Produced by Tyshane & Tha Inna Circle)


*Produced by Tyshane & Tha Inna Circle

“Murder My Flesh” is the first single and title track for the 17 year old KIDD’s debut album, which will release on September 3rd. The realization and concept of Murder My Flesh comes from a vision that the Lord revealed to KIDD when he got saved. KIDD adds that it is “A struggle in the spiritual realm between good and bad – we always have to murder our flesh (die to self) as a daily routine.” ‘Murder My Flesh’ started as a movement when KIDD was 14, to influence people to not be ashamed or scared to reveal their struggles and temptations but to and deny themselves.

‘Murder My Flesh’ will be Infiltrate Music’s first retail album release, and is available on iTunes for pre-order now.


Murder, Murder.x2
Murder my flesh. Murder, Murder.
Got a vaccine to desert ya.

Verse 1:
Feeling like a dream tryna run from, tryna understand where this come from. Reality hit me had to get my stuff rite life was full of darkness I had to run to the light. You got a mind full of greed Gotta murder it. Lust all that you can see Gotta murder it. Sin looking so appealing using Christ as your religion just so you can boost your image gotta murder it. Gold chains more bling gotta murder it. Fly whips more speed gotta murder it. Now I ain’t saying that its bad to have but when it got you all consumed than you gotta murder it. We all got flaws don’t get me wrong. We all need his laws but don’t make your own. Feeling like you all alone there ain’t no one home. wanna follow the lord but its taking long. Deceived by all of these lies when they all wrong. Making Sin glamorized this ain’t our home. Gossip the hot topic, you judging huh? Picked on like Carrie it’s a bloody prom.

I ain’t tryna sin no more, no more.
I’m screaming out murder, bloody, bloody murder.
I think I need a hitman to kill my flesh.
God i’m screaming out murder, oh bloody, bloody murder, murder.

Verse 2:
yea, feel like I wanna scream they ain’t hearing nothing. Welcome into my dream we ain’t fearing nothing. life is harder to see with some knowledge on it. This that type of knowledge, you don’t go to college for it . Oh you smoking on them trees? gotta murder it. Shawty catching stds gotta murder it. Half dressed looking like a mess but you just wanna impress tryna be what you see gotta murder it. Loui purse, Red bottoms gotta murder it. You said you only wear Prada gotta murder it. Material ain’t what defines you. passion is real love and I Just wanna remind you to murder it. We ain’t Tryna fall we gotta give it our all if we don’t give it to Yah then we ain’t in this at all. Someone cushion my fall if I land on my feet. they lied to us and told us this the land of the free. Home of the brave we the home of the slaves. Gotta murder ya flesh in the end of these days. we ain’t in it to lose so stop hitting the snooze. Woke me up to the truth redirecting your views.


Murder, Murder.
Murder, Murder.
Murder my flesh. Murder, Murder.
Got a vaccine to desert ya.


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