Eshon Burgundy to Release New Album, ‘A Sky Above A Blaze’

Rapzilla caught up with the newest Humble Beast, Eshon Burgundy, last week at Legacy Conference in Chicago, where he revealed some of his future plans in a video interview. After releasing his upcoming mixtape ‘For God’s Sake’, Burg is going to follow up the project with another full-length album entitled ‘A Sky Above A Blaze’. Certainly this is exciting news for his committed fans, who have been anticipating what’s next for the Philly-native after his critically-acclaimed 2012 album ‘Blood Rushing to My Head’. It’s also safe to say, because of his new label mates, that this album will feature a different style of production than what we are accustomed to hearing from Eshon, giving him a different canvas on which to paint his lyrical mastery. Stay tuned to Rapzilla for more updates on this upcoming album.

What features and producers would you like to hear on this album?


Written by Tyler Burns

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