Corey Paul’s debut album entitled, “Grace Love Mercy” mirrors the love God displays for us, His mercy in spite of our self-destructive decisions, and His grace through eternal forgiveness. The great hope – through the strength of Jesus is for us NOT to see convicts, strippers, or drug addicts as who they are but WHO’S they are. And WE CAN through the spirit of our Savior! The “Grace Love Mercy” album is set to release July, 30 2013.

1. Grace Love Mercy – Prod. by Cheese Beats aka “Tha Kracken!”
2. EXODUS 20:13 (Interlude)
3. Black Hearse (feat. Dre Murray) – Prod. by Cheese Beats aka “Tha Kracken!”
4. Ridin Round My City – Prod. by Mr. Inkredible
5. Chop It Up – Prod. by Peso Piddy
6. Picture Perfect (feat. Anthony Silas) – Prod. by Peso Piddy
7. That’s a Trip – Prod. by Hank Iving
8. Young King/Queen – Prod. by Kody D
9. Tears Roll (feat. Anthony Silas & Reconcile) – Prod. by Kody D
10. Kinfolk (feat. Reconcile) – Prod. by Mr. Inkredible
11. ROMANS 1:21-32 (Interlude)
12. Body in the Trunk (feat. Thi’sl) – Prod. by Louie Gray
13. What do You See? (feat. Dwaina) – Prod. by Bruce Bang
14. STAND (feat Dwaina & Chris Davis) – Prod. by Skate Bravo