Alex Faith working on Debut Album

Atlanta, Georgia-born emcee now living in Dallas, TX and WLAK aka We Live As Kings (Swoope, Christon Gray, Alex Faith, & Dre Murray) member is currently working on his debut retail album.

The southern bred lyricist dropped a mixtape titled ‘Honest 2 God’ in August of 2012 and it was well-received, that project featured noteworthy artists like Dre Murray, Derek Minor, Social Club (Martymar & F.E.R.N.), Christon Gray, Swoope, Natalie Lauren (fka Suzy Rock), and Sho Baraka. ‘Honest 2 God’ featured production by Wit, Street Symphony, and D-Flow, among others.

For some, the first time they heard Faith was on Billboard charting rapper Sho Baraka’s ‘Barakology’ mixtape four years ago. He has continued to grow in his artistry since that guest appearance.

Alex is looking to follow-up all his past work with his debut album from Collision Records. Based on social networks you may hear contributions by Swoope, Wes Pendleton, HotHandz, Cardec Drums, Swade Beatz, Wit, Tragic Hero, and more on the forthcoming collection of tracks. Pictures on Facebook reveal that he was recently in South Philly putting in musical work with Grammy award-winning producer Wit (‘Gravity’ by Lecrae).

Alex Faith has been grinding on the Christian Hip Hop scene for quite a while. He served as Lecrae’s tour assistant for over a year and was Sho Baraka’s engineer at one point, contributing in some way to many records by various respected artists. As a part of the WLAK collective Alex Faith charted #1 on iTunes Hip/Rap, #3 iTunes overall, charted on Billboard and his crew was highlighted in Billboard magazine.

He is signed to Collision Records, an imprint that has dropped records like ‘Gold Rush: Maybe One Day’ by Dre Murray, WLAK’s self-titled album, ‘Wake Up’ by Swoope, and ‘Body Art’ by Christon Gray. Hopefully Alex Faith’s upcoming record will be another solid project in a discography of quality Collision music.

Not only has the lyricist gained a significant amount of buzz in the last year or so, he has helped increase dialogue on the topic of racism with his single “Promised Land”. Steve Patton of Rapzilla had a conversation with Sho Baraka, Alex Faith, and Adam A.T. Thomason (CEO of Collision Records) on Race, Faith and Hip Hop back in February.

Check out pictures of Alex Faith working on his debut album below. Stay tuned to Rapzilla for more information like album title, tracklisting and release date.

What are you expecting from Alex Faith’s next project?


Written by Paul Martinez

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