24 Hour Album Listening Session: Dre Murray ‘Gold Rush: Maybe One Day’


Release Date: July 9, 2013

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1. Sutter’s Mill – Prod. by Wit & Swoope
2. Maybe One Day (feat. Christon Gray) – Prod. by Swoope
3. Ramesses the Great (feat. Propaganda)
4. Pharaoh (feat. Tragic Hero) – Prod. by Wit & Swoope
5. Fiend – Prod. by Wit, Swoope, Big Juice, & Michael Guaglione
6. Benjamin’s Curse – Pt. 1 Prod. by Wit, Pt. 2 Prod. by Swoope
7. Gold Rush – Prod. by Wes Pendleton
8. Red Light (feat. Christon Gray) – Prod. by Wit & Tragic Hero
9. Alchemy (feat. Tragic Hero) – Prod. by Wit
10. Letter in a Bottle (feat. Michael Guaglione) – Prod. by Wit & Michael Guaglione
11. Hollywood Heist (feat. Christon Gray, Sean Johnson & Swoope) – Prod. by Wit
12. Welcome to My Life (feat. Alex Faith & Swoope) – Prod. by Wit & Swoope
13. All Alone – Prod. by Wit
14. Gray Tape – Prod. by Wes Pendleton

*Artwork designed by PeskyGreyRabbit.com


Written by Steven

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