Home Press Releases Spoken to Release His Second Studio Album ‘SMOKE’ in Fall 2013

Spoken to Release His Second Studio Album ‘SMOKE’ in Fall 2013

Spoken to Release His Second Studio Album ‘SMOKE’ in Fall 2013

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Toronto native, Spoken, gears up to release his new album in the fall of 2013. This will be the 2nd studio album from the Role Model Records artist and the first to be released through Syntax Distribution.

“My first album, ‘Bright Days Dark Nights’, was released in 2010, and if I’m honest, for me that album felt rushed. At the time I was still growing and trying to find my voice, so I hadn’t really come into my own musically. Since then however, I’ve had plenty of time to hone in on my specific brand and identity as an artist. This second album is not rushed…It’s finally me (the mind of Spoken).

I have some really amazing features on this project, spanning from producers to artists. None of the collaborators on the album were selected simply for their names or because I feel their success in the music industry will help me blow up…NO!…I personally respect each one of their crafts and I’ve been very careful to make sure that each feature fits the specific songs that they’re on and the album as a whole.

I just wanna thank everybody who’s been supporting me since the beginning of my career, and I hope that those who go out and support this new album will love it as much as I do.”

Spoken…The King’s Canadian Kid

SMOKE…Don’t Blow It: “…Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4: 14

One of the biggest deceptions plaguing humanity is the illusion of time. Non-Christians postpone salvation, saying “I’m not ready”, and Christians postpone diligence. However, if our lives are like a mist aka SMOKE, how should that affect how we live in the present?

For one, it should cause use to live properly in view of the fact that our condition in the life to come, is predicated on our current life (i.e. life in Christ produces eternal life, otherwise the soul is lost to eternal damnation). Second, the fact that our time here is so short should compel us to seize every moment to live biblically.

The album will proceed to flesh out what “seizing every moment to live biblically” actually means, as it pertains to several aspects of life including; reputation, romance, goals & ambition, role modelling, social impact, ect. Every song will illuminate a new aspect on the concept of acting now, because time and life although fleeting, are incredibly precious.

After tackling multiple topics related to the transience of life and it’s ramification on the afterlife, the album will conclude by echoing Eccle 12:13; “…The end of the matter: all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandment, for this is the whole duty of man.” So what are you gonna do in this life of SMOKE?! Whatever it is, “Don’t Blow It”.


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