Recording artist, emcee and poet Propaganda announced he will host the Spoken Word Challenge today through June 18.

Understanding that every individual, regardless of race, age or background has a story to share, the Spoken Word Challenge seeks to allow individuals to define their identity and present it in an artistic way via an online video contest. The Challenge is a positive platform for young artists to share with the world what makes them who they are beyond what culture tells them.

“I recently had the honor and privilege to sit down with wonderful people to share my story,” said Propaganda in a video about the Spoken Word Challenge. “If you know anything about me, my catalog and my music, I talk a lot about issues of identity. In this one, I’m going to talk about my journey and identity. Can’t wait to share it with you, but before that happens, I have a little challenge for you.”

One of the most influential cultures today is undeniably that of hip-hop. A platform once used for self-expression on social issues which turned to glorifying violence, sex and drugs is beginning to go back to its original roots through artists like Propaganda, giving a new voice to urban youth and beyond with a positive message of hope and self-expression.

A Humble Beast recording artist, Propaganda, also known as Jason Petty, has gained respect in the hip-hop world as a master of the performance art of spoken word, pairing lyrics and rhythm to create a powerful combination. Propaganda’s album, “Excellent,” moved 27,000 units in week one, hit No. 4 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart and landed on the Billboard Top 200. He recently completed the nationwide Unashamed Tour with award-winning rappers Lecrae and Trip Lee.

“One of my most frequently asked requests is, ‘Can I submit my poetry to you, my spoken word? Will you check it out and give me a few pointers?'” Propaganda said. “Here’s your chance. I want you to burn that paper up and scribble your most amazing poetry pieces you can about your journey.”

The Spoken Word Challenge is open to all individuals who record a 90-second spoken word video that includes the URL somewhere within it, via a T-shirt, sign or other creative means. Videos should be submitted by June 18 via

All qualifying entries will be placed on the official Spoken Word Challenge YouTube page, where a winning video will be chosen by Propaganda out of the top five most-viewed entries. The winner, which will be announced June 21, will receive $200 and a prize pack including music items from Humble Beast Records, apparel from Acrylick and more.

For more information, including the Spoken Word Challenge official rules, visit