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Andrew Ramos – Aspect

Andrew Ramos – Aspect


Looking out my window feeling where the wind blows staring at a broken city so the breeze is creeping indoor they say the end is near that tells us what we in for but life is all perspeception its just where u get ur info

My perspective stands corrected. Its been infected by information that interjected, upon my blessing. Since conception, was taught selfeless about respect then thru adolecens perplexing the message that they were stressing. It tested my comprehension, learning made me aprehensive, looking for my insentive it taught me that i am selfish. It said to lead u serve so observe what ur concealing its the contreseptive preventing birth of this hopless feeling. That we were meant glitz and glamourize life live then die, man i was made to stand or die, not standardize. Not to camouflage the lies that lead to our demise. We fly by saying why try its a far cry, cuz as i look at me inwardly incidently im crippling me while hinting no wishing, missing what sinfully hinders me. Incefficiently living “free” leads to that misery no simile needed to say that i had to live for ME.
Cuz that bigotry claims self conviction, self conviction! That rational you use to justify a contradiction. To avoid affliction thay pre-conditioned disposition is why i dont listen, fiction sits in for what would be wisdom.. You got gun bars? Money for the sun, stars, cash vault armored up crew like u dunbar? stunt hard? Front hard you chillin in a front yard. if hussle never sleeps your a part time punch card. They life is what you make it for some life is what you fake it, self awareness is the key to the potential of that greatness once you find the strength to yourself you cant depend on you. Face conviction from the contradiction that is you. Disect confliction of oposing opinions and point of views when ur the center of ur world realize just how much you loose. This life was written our skin makes it contingent, prohibition without omission sinking in good intention while im looking out my window….


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