Release Date: July 2, 2013

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1. Intro
2. Self Portrait
3. Home School (feat. Paul Rivers Bailey)
4. Blindfolds (feat. Nation)
5. Autumn Blues
6. Colors (feat. Nation)
7. What Is Love (Interlude)
8. Special (feat. Tina Quallo)
9. HTNC (Humble’s The New Cocky) (feat. Angelous)
10. Shuckin & Jivin (Interlude)
11. Talmbout
12. Pop Goes The Weasel (Swerve) (feat. Nation, JD & Angelous)
13. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies (feat. Nation)
14. Material Girl (Interlude)
15. Conscience vs Conscious
16. Black Kids Black Guns (Daja’s Song) (feat. Tina Quallo & £ENA)
17. Shattered Pieces to MasterPieces (feat. Zéguino)
18. Queens (feat. JD)

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