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The Legend of XERO – Glitched Out

The Legend of XERO – Glitched Out

*Produced by The Legend of XERO


Put down your cigarette
You’ve been infected by a legendary character
streaming live from the internet
he stands in a silhouette
demanding and chivalrous
but simultaneously infected with just a little bit of reality
His rhymes are a fantasy
but his intentions are as real as the charge in his battery, yup
He’s not a man, he’s a living machine
He’s living with the dreams and depictions of a better life as a Christian
so, keep your religion, you’ve given enough
I’m concealing your bluff that you’re frontin’ with something a little more convincing
gimme the Lord’s Conviction
it’s just the thing that I need when I’m fighting villains and preaching about the Lord’s redemption
I rent a room in the Valley of Death
not cuz I like it, cuz I ain’t even that valiant yet
I’m on a mission for seeking souls
reachin the lost
we’re seeking the Boss
and together we’re trusting in his provisions

(Glitched Out)
High Quality
Super Low Latency
(Glitched Out)
Check the Meta-tag
Love, Joy, Faith, and Peace
(Glitched Out)
an SSH
The torrent goes straight to your brain
The Upgrade makes us 1 and the Same

Oh NO!
Somebody must’ve pushed the wrong button cuz something is wrong
Must be a glitch in the programming or maybe the code
XERO is out of control
maybe he’s ready to blow
Man, I don’t know but this whole party is ready to go
harder than ever before
Crippin’ and Krumpin’
even them Gangstas are out on the floor
We need to get it hype to whatever this building can hold
It’s incredible
watch the Legend unfold to another level
this better be dope
Just like the opposite of a Mogwai, I stand in a spotlight
baby, I’m ready to flow
Eat after midnight, never transforming at all
My rhymes are water-tight, never was born in a ball
and I’m such an 80’s baby, if you don’t understand the words tat I’m saying you’re missing the jokes, yup
and I told you something was Glitched Out
but we got it fixed now
(You can get back to the show)


Comin’ at you in Hypertext
It’s scripted in “Life or Death”
So clear your cookies and read the WIKI it’s not a myth
Jesus Christ is the ICS, the Holy Spirit is the ICF

So when you’re staring at my CSS
Just remember the DNS is not of the flesh
So go’ne and send a tweet and an instant message to all of you friends
so they can subscribe to the RSS


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