Listen to “Game Break” here.

Statik Selektah: “I sent it to Lecrae and he set it off first. Actually, Macklemore was supposed to be on the song. Anybody that knows what he’s doing right now understands that he can’t just jump in the studio. That dude literally does three shows a day. I never really bugged him for it. He was like, ‘I never really worked with De La. Posdnuos reached out and said, ‘I’d like to be on the album.’ So I thought ‘*** it, I’ll put him on the song.’ And at the last moment, I put Term on there to balance it out. I can’t chase down Macklemore and Term killed it. He had the highlight verse on the song.

I am happy I put Lecrae with some other rappers. My last album, he was on it, but it was a solo song. Even on his album, he’ll work with someone like K.R.I.T. who can do a gospel, soulful joint. Or Phonte. He doesn’t usually get put with the older cats or a Term. Term might be one of the most street rappers that have done a song with Lecrae.”