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Sevin Announces ‘Commissary’ Release Date

Sevin Announces ‘Commissary’ Release Date

At the top of the year, west coast emcee Sevin announced that he is gearing up to release a project entitled ‘Commissary’. The cover for the album was released as well. The HOG MOB leader has recently revealed that ‘Commissary’ will be coming out on July 16, 2013 and his approach to this project will be unique compared to past records.

In a video announcement regarding ‘Commissary’ Sevin said, “He (God) wanted me to stop doing music” due to it becoming an idol in his life. The California based veteran planned to quit music for good and work on his relationship with God.

When he wasn’t doing music, Sevin was focused on things like preaching, writing sermons and discipling people one on one. While on his unexpected hiatus a friend of Sevin was facing life in prison, he felt that God wanted him to be a blessing to him and people in general. God then inspired him to write again and after praying Sevin decided to make ‘Commissary’ official. The album will have a curriculum to benefit people spiritually and there are bible studies for every single song. Sevin wants this project to be more than music.


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