Home Features News Mr. Del Celebrates Release of ‘Faith Walka’

Mr. Del Celebrates Release of ‘Faith Walka’

Mr. Del Celebrates Release of ‘Faith Walka’

Mr. Del announces a listening party for his 4th album “Faith Walka” on Friday, June 14th. Those in the Memphis area will get to experience an exclusive event as he presents an album he described as “A complete journey of my experience in relationships, the music industry and faith,” before the official release of the album on June 18th. The former member of the multi-platinum hardcore rap group Three 6 Mafia, Mr. Del is reintroducing his testimony and ministry to a new generation moving forward with a fresh attitude and new sound. The “Faith Walka” release party has been depicted as high quality event and those that are there will be in for a night that will not disappoint.


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