Karness Turner Jr – Coming Out The Closet

Karness Turner Jr, a P4CM poet, has a very heartfelt message about Christians and homosexuals.

Turner says “My prayer is that this poem reaches as many people as possible. It’s a relevant topic to the time that needs to be heard. “

In the poem he says ” if Gay is the new Black, Christian is the new Homo” speaking on how Christians are being told by mainstream media to be quiet about their faith and keep it private. Turner is promoting Christians to be courageous about what their beliefs in the midst of a culture where other communities are unashamed of their identities.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard, Hip Hop artist Bizzle, and the rest of the P4CM team has been supportive of Turner’s words.

The way that Karness leads the viewer to think that he is coming out as a homosexual and transitions into coming out as a Christian has the potential to make quite an impact on the way people are viewing or supporting the stifling of Christian’s and their freedoms in the U.S., as well as empower Christian’s to be confident in Christ when society is clearly moving to persecute us.


Written by Steven

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