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Andy Mineo’s ‘Heroes For Sale’ Album Release Concert Wrap Up

Andy Mineo’s ‘Heroes For Sale’ Album Release Concert Wrap Up

Photos by: @chadhorton

Rapzilla.com is a proud sponsor of the 4 Andy Mineo ‘Hereos For Sale‘ album release dates put together by Kingdom Promotions. I had the opportunity to go Andy’s 1st ever album release show, which took place in Orange, CA. When I walked up, the guys from SoundVision L.A. that were hosting the show approached me to help me get through the line that was around the block. The show sold out weeks in advance for the 500 capacity venue, The Vault. The Vault is a really cool and intimate venue, and perfect for hip hop shows. When I walked in, the first person that I saw and was greeted by was Swoope. This is a down to earth guy. You can tell his mama raised him right. When I went back to the green room I saw Benjah, Propaganda, Black Knight, theBREAX and more. The show kicked off with Propaganda as host, DJ Aktual on the wheels of steel spinning actual vinyl, and Black Knight to get the crowd warmed up.

Benjah followed Black Knight and added a little different flavor to the night with his varying styles. Benjah has performed extensively and his experience showed. Swoope followed and the excitement definitely grew considering the success of WLAK and their recent So. Cal visit. Swoope’s shoes and the fact that he rapped over Hip Hop Hooray beat showed me that his mama definitely raised him right. The height of excitement was, of course Andy Mineo. When Andy came out the crowd went nuts. Andy created a vibe of intimacy as if he was among family and friends. Well … he was. His mother was there, as well as a childhood best friend and several friends. Andy ran through the songs on Hereos For Sale, had a back up dancer challenge for one of his skateboards, and gave the crowd exactly what they expected. The last show of the 4 date series is June 1st in Orlando, FL.

I took my 5 year old daughter with me and she had a blast at her first hip hop show. Thanks to Kingdom Promotions, SoundVision L.A., P4CM, and The Vault staff for being so great to us.

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