Home Press Releases D-MAUB announces release of latest solo album, ‘The Missing Peace’

D-MAUB announces release of latest solo album, ‘The Missing Peace’

D-MAUB announces release of latest solo album, ‘The Missing Peace’

After more than a year since the last release, One Route Entertainment is thrilled to announce D-MAUB’s sixth solo project “The Missing Peace”. This album brings you the artist’s reflections after pressing through considerable challenges in his life. “Without the peace of God, I have no idea how I would have made it through some of the things launched at me, but it just goes to show that the material and temporary things that attempt to offer peace are no match for true, everlasting peace.” D-MAUB goes on to say “I know that this peace is what’s missing in wake of the turmoil and disorder going on in our society today. People are searching for something, most times they don’t even know what it is they are looking for.” “Many things may represent or look like peace, but in the end its God’s peace that will uphold us.”

“The Missing Peace” is D-MAUB’s most engaging album to date and will expose a more mature, deeper profile of him. With the first single released in February, “How Long?” D-MAUB joined up with B. Reith to address the lack of response from people who witness some destructive and hateful conditions that go on. We see all the evil and chaos going on, so why do we just sit back and avoid stepping in? The song entices listeners to get involved, speak up for those without a voice and institute change. A host of other accomplished artists collaborate with D-MAUB for other tracks on “The Missing Peace” including Willie Moore Jr., Todd of Z4L and One Route label-mate Eric Cross. What D-MAUB fans, old and new, can expect from this project is the artist’s authentic , unmistakable, exclusive style stepped up a few notches. D-MAUB is consistently challenging his own self to keep things cutting-edge and fresh and with “The Missing Peace”, you are sure to get a well-received earful.

“The Missing Peace” will be available May 21st in digital stores.


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