Tragic Hero

While Tragic Hero may currently be independent, he is far from an industry unknown. This unique emcee has dropped singles since 2011 leading up to his debut free album ‘Going Home’, a blend of booming speaker-beats and thought-provoking lyrical couplets. His impact reverberated to features on numerous projects, most recently on the song Venetian Blinds from the free ‘Misfits’ album by the rising Florida group Social Club. Earlier this year, he released ‘The Resistance‘, an EP created solely with the production talents of Wes Pendleton. Using the producer-rapper duo formula made famous by the classic Hell’s Paradise album, Tragic showed the musical dexterity to morph into different styles seamlessly without losing his distinctiveness. The project even peaked in the top 40 of the hip hop charts on iTunes, showing the growing fanbase that exists for his quality music.